Top 10 Gin Garnishes: The Finishing Touches To Your Drink

Gin Garnishes

Gin Garnishes: A Quick Guide

Whether its adding that last dash of flavour or making it look extra classy, garnishes are an essential part of a good drink! This is an easy guide to a few of our absolute favourite garnishes! All of these garnishes would taste great in straight forward gin and tonic (if you want some top tricks for G&Ts we’ve got you covered there as well) and some are also used in our favourite gin cocktails.

Along with each of the garnishes theres some gin recommendations so you know what tastes best with what! 

No. 1

Lemons and Limes

So technically this is cheating but we’re hoping you won’t mind about us lumping these two together. Now it isn’t because we think they taste the same so they aren’t worth their own places on this list, it’s because we’ve yet to find a gin they don’t taste great with! Now with strong citrus tastes its worth considering how much you put in. All our gins are meticulously crafted so the blend of botanicals comes through. So in most cases we would recommend just adding a twist to your drink to add that extra something without overpowering the taste. That being said sometimes all you want is a delicious citrus-y drink, in which case just pop to whole fruit in (or any quantity in between)! 

Gin Garnishes

No. 2

2: Fresh Ginger

We cannot recommend this garnish enough, it does’t necessarily go with every gin flavour out there but it’s a must with most crisp, savoury gin drinks. We think it’s most delicious in our Kaffir Lime and Lemongrass gin, just adding that subtle kick of ginger! But don’t stop there it’s a tasty addition to our special edition Summer Snap gin and if your after a bit of a kick pop it in with our Kimchi Gin

Gin Garnishes

No. 3

Rosemary Sprig

This is a special recommendation for our Earl Grey gin (not to say you couldn’t put it with other gins but its just *chefs kiss* with our Earl Grey). The rosemary brings out the earthy tones from the tea botanical we use, perfectly complimenting the unique meld of citrus, perfumed tea taste of this gin.

Gin Garnishes

No. 4


Gin infused raspberries really are the bees knees (not the cocktail, although if you need a recipe for that we’ve got you covered). Whether you eat them up once your drink is finished or they are simply there to add that lovely berry flavour, they work perfectly with gin! Raspberries are a great addition to our Douglas-Fir gin, adding to a gorgeous mix of fruit botanicals in this unique gin.

No. 5


If you’re after something to match with our Douglas-Fir gin, this is our favourite thing to recommend! Whether its part of a cocktail or a simple slice in a glass of gin, this garnish melds with the fruity tones of the Douglas-Fir and complimenting the light pine flavour! If you do go down the grapefruit route, be careful not to let it over power the delicious gin taste. Grapefruit is such a strong taste, its important to spend sometime getting it right! We have a really nice recipe for a Paloma on our blog using these flavours! 

Gin Garnishes

No. 6


If you’re after a savoury taste with a bit of pep this is the garnish for you. Its a great addition to our Kimchi gin and works wonders in Kaffir Lime and Lemongrass and Summer Snap as well! Its a subtle taste (provided you haven’t added the whole jar of peppercorns in at once) but give any drink that little bit of a kick! 

No. 7


Unsurprisingly we also think cucumber is one of the best garnishes out there for a glass of gin. It’s endlessly refreshing and subtle enough to just add that extra little something to your drink! It’s the perfect summer cocktail ingredient (although there’s really nothing stopping you enjoying it year round). This is most delicious with our Summer Snap gin (which someone once described as summer in a glass) and also Kaffir Lime and Lemongrass

No. 8


Fresh mint is a must with gin! If you are after a crisp refreshing flavour mint is your garnish. Pair it with Summer Snap or Kaffir Lime and Lemongrass. We really recommend crushing up the mint to release more of the flavour into the drink, although just adding a couple of leaves will give you a nice subtle mint taste too.

No. 9


Orange with gin is simply lovely, it adds a beautifully sweet note to any gin drink. As with lemon and lime it can be used sparely by simply putting a twist in to add a hint of orange flavour or a big slice for a stronger taste! Orange is delicious with quite a few gin flavours, we highly recommend you give it a try with our Earl Grey gin. It’s a surprising pairing but it tastes really fantastic. It’s fantastic as a garnish for Bees Knees, a lovely sweet cocktail!

Great Taste Award

No. 10


Last but decidedly not least we have the chilli garnish! If you need abit of extra zing adding to your drink, look no further then this brilliant tip!  The best thing about this garnish is you choose how spicy you want to go. Maybe you go with half a mild chilli for a little kick or maybe you put 3 scotch bonnets in there (we wouldn’t recommend going quite that far), either way its a fiery addition to any concoction! It works best with our Kaffir Lime and Lemongrass or (if you want to really go for it) our Kimchi gin!

Kaffir Lime Lemongrass Gin and Tonic

Why not have abit of fun with it as well, do some mix and matching of gin garnishes! Mint and cucumber are a great combination, as is rosemary and lemon! Mint and raspberry are simple delicious together and if you want to push the boat out why not try ginger and chilli! Lastly this is a list chosen for both taste and looks, if you want your drink to look really fancy feel free to add an edible flower in there as well! 

Great Taste Award

What did you think of our top 10 list, would you have done it differently! Let us know what you think and if you have any other garnish recommendations! We really love to hear from you and any delicious ideas you have! We have loads of other tips, tricks, recipes and recommendations so check out our other blog posts for more gin related content!

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