5 of the Best Gin Based Cocktails And Which Gins to Pair them with!


5 Best Gin Cocktails

It obviously goes without saying that we are partial to Gin, and with so many ways to enjoy its almost impossible to go wrong! We thought we’d let you in on 5 of our absolute favourite cocktails along with which of our unique flavoured Gins we would pair them with.  

Now whilst this blog post is most definitely about our 5 of the best gin based cocktails as a brief side note we would like to firstly recommend our Gins as they are, neat if you will! They are all meticulously, crafted with flavour in mind so taste just fabulous on their own! That being said a cocktails a cocktail and these 5 recipes are really quite delicious!

Without further ado, here are our top 5 recommendations for the perfect Gin based drink.

No.1 of 5 of the Best Gin based Cocktails

Gordans Cup (or as we like to call it: Twisting Cup)

First up we have an instant crowd pleaser, Gordans Cup. This simple, crisp, cocktail is a perfect remedy to the heat of a summer day or a cool drink of an evening. Tasting predominantly of lime and the subtler taste of cucumber coupled with our Kaffir Lime and Lemongrass Gin, it’s a match made in heaven! This recipe would also be delightful with our special edition Summer Snap, it would make for a very delicious mouthful. To learn how to make this lovely beverage, click here!

No.2 of 5 of the Best Gin based Cocktails

Twisting Paloma

This cocktail traditionally made with tequila, originating in Mexico and is rumoured to be named after a famous Spanish folk song! We think it tastes just as delicious (if not more so) with our Douglas-Fir. A deliriously tasty combination of Grapefruit and Lime weaving into the flavour of the gin. This is flavourful cocktail with the grapefruit and lime juice of the cocktail mingling with the pine, grapefruit, peach and lemon flavours of the Gin. You can find the recipe the Twisting Paloma here.

No.3 of 5 of the Best Gin based Cocktails

Bees Knees

Next up is our super sweet, SUPER delicious Bees Knees! Another Cocktail that is perfect with our Earl Grey Gin. Bees Knees is named for 1920’s slang meaning ‘the best’ (no wonder it made our list). A pleasant honey taste, mingled with lemon and orange juice this cocktail is both sweet and citrus, with the earthy undertones of the perfumed tea. To find out how to make the Bees Knees click here.

No.4 of 5 of the Best Gin based Cocktails

English 75

Simple but very effective!! This one is a summer dream, with a nice sparkling wine and our Earl Grey Gin. The UK makes some of the most delicious sparkling wine there is so why not make the wine a local one as well as the Gin. With elderflower cordial and a generous squeeze of Lemon Juice, this cocktail is perfect for those that love a citrus flavour and are fond of elderflower with it.  For more info and instructions click here.

No.5 of 5 of the Best Gin based Cocktails

Red Snapper (Bloody Mary with Gin)

Our special edition, one of a kind, Kimchi Gin has a truly unique taste, its savoury, tangy and the kimchi flavour is perfect for this famous brunch cocktail and famous hangover cure. If you’re a fan of a Bloody Mary, you’ll love this Twisting Spirits Red Snapper version. The celery salt, spice and horse radish flavours are brought out by the strong flavours in the Kimchi Gin, and its just divine.


Have you given any of these a go? What did you think? Which one of these are your favourite? We want to hear all about it! All the recipes are on our blog or very soon will be so you can find them anytime you need some cocktail inspiration and there are quick recipe guides on Instagram as well!

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Fancy trying any of theses gin based drinks? Pick up a bottle of our gin today!

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