Kimchi Gin

Mary’s homemade Kimchi meets our London Dry Gin. Aromatic, smooth, savoury and tangy, this is the authentic taste of Korea, bottled. Winner – Taste of the West Gold 2021 and Great Taste 3 Stars 2021.

Taste of the West Great Taste Award


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Kimchi Gin

Our newest and most daring creation to date.

A World first – this Kimchi infused Gin is so out there that we planned on only making 500 bottles and only in 20cl size.  However, due to popular demand and a recent Taste of the West Gold Medal and Great Taste 3 Star award we’ve decided to distill more!  We have also just launched in bigger 50cl bottles! 

Mary’s homemade hand made Kimchi inspired by an ancient recipe that goes back thousands of years, meets our London Dry Gin. Aromatic, smooth, savoury and tangy, this is the authentic taste of Korea, bottled. Matured for several months to develop a deep robust flavour before being cold distilled and Twisted into our London Dry Gin.

Important Disclaimer!

This Kimchi-Gin is a world first and really is nothing like any other Gin you’ve ever tried. Kimchi Gin is Savoury, tangy, umami and tastes exactly like Kimchi with Juniper. If you don’t know what Kimchi is, please Google it first and make sure you know what to expect from this mind blowing creation. You can also make up a G&T with a difference.  For this we recommend Franklin & Son Rosemary and Black Olive to create a wonderfully savoury drink.  We would not recommend with any other flavoured or fruity tonics.  Kimchi Gin works great in a Twisted Bloody Kim (see below).

  • Taste: Savoury, tangy, umami, KIMCHI
  • Serving Suggestions:
    • Treat your taste buds and try in a Red Snapper (essentially a Bloody Mary where Gin is used instead of Vodka). We like to call this little number a Twisted Bloody Kim. Go mad and throw in all the veg from your fridge for garnish and to nibble on whilst you enjoy. If you like savoury, try it, you’ll won’t be disappointed!
    • For a savoury sipping treat, make up a Martini like no other.
    • Take a Negroni to a whole new level – a great savoury aperitif
    • Or indeed enjoy neat.
  • Botanicals: Kimchi and more
  • ABV: 41.5%
  • Awards: Taste of the West 2012 Gold – Great Taste 2021 3 Stars 

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Robert Bruce
A unique great taste

From the very first taste in the small bottle format I knew the Kimchi gin was special. Suffice to say the bottle was finished in a short space of time - home measures!
It pairs extremely well with the Franklin & Sons rosemary tonic water with black olive which further enhances the unique flavors. I've now bought several bottles to share with friends and its been extremely well received. Who doesn't want a bottle of gin as a present, especially a World first flavor that has already won an award. Keep up the good work Twisting Spirits. What's next?

Hello Robert, wow, so great to hear. Rich and I love it with that tonic too. Thank you for spreading the word about Kimchi. The world must know! :). Mary

Richard Twyman
Best Bloody Mary ever!

This gin is a revelation - so good in the BMs we were making that the whole bottle went that evening, save a tiny dribble which I much enjoyed over ice, lemon, and tonic - unique flavour and all the better for it. Unlike some Gins which boast specific botanicals in their mixes, but which you then can’t identify when tasting, Twisting Spirits’s Gins definitely DO taste of the declared botanicals - the Kim Chi is no exception. Bloody lovely - just need the Kim Chi Gin in bigger bottles.......

Hi Richard

Thank you for taking the time to review our Kimch Gin. Wow, what a lovely review as well! We're really pleased you enjoyed the Kimchi Gin so much, especially in a Bloody Mary - which is also our favorite mix. We may well bring out Kimchi in 70cl bottles next year when we order our next batch of bottle labels. If we do we'll make sure you're the first to know. Cheers!

Louise T.
Love, love, love!!!

Wow! While I accept that this gin might not be for everyone, I was absolutely blown away. It's delicious. I love the savoury, slightly earthy but sweet flavour and it makes the best red snapper I have ever tasted. I would highly recommend it with both the Big Tom mix and the rosemary and black olive tonic. I only wish the bottle were bigger.

Hi Louise, WOW - thank you - this is so great to read! I've been making Kimchi for years now and I've been wanting to make a Kimchi gin for a while now. Rich and I were a bit nervous about what people would think. Your comment has made my day x

Joanne D.

Wonderful product, prompt friendly service as usual :)

Thank you Joanne. Allot of love has gone into our Kimchi gin :)

Neil M.


Thank you Neil!

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