Earl Grey Tea Gin: A Unique Botanical

Earl Grey Tea Gin

Earl Grey Tea Gin

Our Twisting Spirits Earl Grey is a classic dry gin, with 11 hand chosen botanicals. It’s our only tea flavoured gin and what better tea to chose then a delicious Earl Grey. It’s delightfully floral, delicate & warming with aromas of crisp citrus, peach & high tea.  In order to produce the cleanest Earl Grey accented Gin we source our Earl Grey Tea leaves from Born Wild Tea, a local Cheltenham based business specialising in high quality teas for the very best quality. 

“A wonderful texture and weight to this clean gin, dominated by classic juniper forward botanical with pronounced citrus notes and a pleasing orange finish. This dry gin that delivers a remarkable clean tea on the palate, with the lovely waft of black tea on the nose while drinking.”

How to: How we get our distinctive Earl Grey Flavour

Our gin is cold distilled in our distillery in Gloucestershire. Its worth noting that whilst our gin is a delicious infusion of Earl Grey flavour, we don’t actually infuse it with the tea, the flavour is the result of careful distillation and the tea is used like any other gin botanical in the cold distillation process. 

Earl Grey Tea Gin

A Brief History of Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey tea has some variants but is essentially a black tea with bergamot oil to flavour it. The particular tea used in our gin is a lovely fragrant brew with cornflowers added to the blend! Earl Grey Tea is not a trademarked recipe so there are a variety of variation and different blends. It is supposedly named for the 2nd Earl Grey in the 1830’s after he received a gift of some tea flavoured with bergamot oil on his return from China, it is also thought that the bergamot oil could have been used to enhance lower qualities of tea or to offset the lime taste in some waters. 



Firstly, as always we really recommend trying our gins neat if thats something you like! The unique mix of botanicals are chosen with care to create a great taste and whilst they can be mixed very successfully with other flavours, they also really do taste great on their own. 

Gin and Tonic

The Earl Grey flavours are best enjoyed with a unflavoured tonic, plenty of ice and if you’re in the mood for something a little bit fancy, why not add a sprig of rosemary and a twist of lemon. 

English 75

This cocktail is a real treat with our Earl Grey, essentially a glorious concoction of gin, sparkling wine, elderflower, lemon juice and orange.  We have the full recipe available on our blog if this takes your fancy. A refreshing summer cocktail, especially worth trying with a local English sparkling wine.

Bees Knees

A Bees Knees is a sweet, citrus cocktail perfect for a party or gathering. It’s a lovely combination of honey and lemon with the citrus undertones in the Earl Grey

Earl Grey Tea Gin
delicious bramble cocktail recipe

Have you tried our Earl Grey Tea gin, please do let us know what you thought, we really love to hear from you! If you have any recommendation do let us know about them too. Also, if you need any recommendations for this or any of our gin flavours check out our other blog posts! 

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