Paloma With A Twist: How to make this Delicious Gin Based Cocktail.

Twisting Paloma

Twisting Paloma

Our Paloma with a twist is based on a Mexican Paloma which is a wonderfully refreshing, chilled, classic cocktail. Our Paloma with a twist is a particularly delicious combination of flavours, the twist is that we use gin (surprise!) instead of tequila. Apart from its great taste the reason we really love this cocktail is that it’s really easy to make and it only requires a few ingredients.

The Paloma originated in Mexico, it is thought to be named after the popular 1860’s folk song ‘La Paloma ’ (‘The dove’). Its traditionally made using tequila and you can add salt to the rim of the glass to give it an extra savoury kick. We think it works perfectly with the unique flavours of our Douglas-Firs Gin.

Our Douglas-Firs gin has 11 botanicals that weave together to make its unique flavour, the Doughlas-Fir pines are harvested locally. It works perfectly in this unique cocktail because the light pine taste replaces the tequila flavour, while the undercurrent of grapefruit, peach and lemon flavours are a perfect blend with the grapefruit and lime in the cocktail.

paloma with a twist


How to: A Paloma with a Twist!

  • Simply add the gin and lime juice to a Collins glass. 
  • Fill with plenty of ice (the more the better), smaller flakes of ice are perfect so you can fit more in the glass and it makes for a very chilled drink. 
  • Then top up the glass with the sparkling grapefruit or if you have chosen to go for the fresh grapefruit, simply add the grapefruit juices and soda water instead (this is a nice option because you can add the grapefruit juice to your own personal taste). 
  • To finish just add a grapefruit twist to garnish, for that extra flare.

        It’s as simple as that!


A Perfect Christmas Gin

Want to try our Paloma? Grab a bottle of our Douglas-Fir Gin today!

Gratifyingly resinous, smooth & mysteriously complex. Award winning Dry Gin, cold distilled with hand foraged Douglas-Fir for Extra intrigue. Nature’s exquisite forest bouquet, bottled.

Festive Spiced Negroni

Want to know what we’d pair our uniquely flavoured gins with? Check out our blog for more cocktail recommendations and recipes! 

One last thing….We want to see! If you do try this cocktail or any of our other recipes, tell us what you thought and tag us in you’re pictures!! Also if you have any recommendations of you’re own we’d love to hear them! Hope you enjoy you’re unusual Paloma cocktail

If you fancy a quick easy to follow guide to making this cocktail (and others) you can find them on our Instagram!  

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