How to Make the Perfect Gin and Tonic: Top Tips and Tricks

Perfect Gin and Tonic

The Perfect Gin and Tonic

There really is nothing like a gin and tonic. We have lots of really nice recommendations for what to do with our gins, if you fancy some other cocktail recipes check out our 5 best gin cocktails round up, but this post is all about Gin and Tonic! Want to know which tonics to pair with which of our unique Twisting Spirits Gins. Now the perfect gin and tonic a subjective matter, maybe you like yours light on the tonic or even light on the gin, savoury or with fruity note! So with that in mind here are a few suggestions to set you in the right direction. 

Our gins....

Now firstly its worth saying we would highly recommend trying all 5 of our uniquely flavoured gins with an a non flavoured premium tonic, we really like Franklin and sons ‘natural light’ tonic. All their tonics are absolutely delicious (you can purchase it from our website with your gin orders), so you can’t really go wrong with them! 

The flavour of each of our gins is meticulously crafted, their flavours carefully thought through so they really are delicious neat or with a simple unflavoured tonic. That is of course not to say there are not delicious flavour concoctions to be made but its just worth enjoying them simple as they are as well!  

Perfect Gin and Tonic

Something a Little Fruitier?

If you’d like to give your gin and tonic a little fruity twist we’ve got a couple of recommendations for you!

Grapefruit Gin and Tonic

A grapefruit G&T is a delicious drink and works wonderfully with our Douglas-Fir gin! Its really is simply a grapefruit tonic (again we would go with the Franklin and Sons, you just can’t beat it!) and a generous slice of grapefruit to seal the deal. We recommend serving it in a balloon gin glass to make it look extra fancy but its tasty whatever you’re drinking it from. Don’t forget to add plenty of ice. 

Perfect Gin and Tonic

Spicy it up!

If your after something with a bit of extra kick why not go all in (literally) and add a whole chilli to your drink! 

Chilli G&T

With this one we again recommend an unflavoured tonic! We think this is particularly delicious with our Kaffir Lime and Lemongrass Gin however it’s also a treat with our special edition Summer Snap gin. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous why not pair it with our one of a kind Kimchi gin! For this one simply add your gin and tonic to a glass of ice and pop your chilli (or chillies if your feeling really brave) in last.

Perfect Gin and Tonic

Delicious Garnish Combinations

Nothing completes a G&T like those little last minute flourishes. Now there’s an endless list of things that can (whether they should or not is a different question) be added to your G&T, it’s definitely worth some experimenting! This list is just a few of the combinations of things that we think work really well together:

  • Mint and Cucumber – this makes for a fresh, crisp, deeply refreshing summery drink, this is particularly good with our Summer Snap and Kaffir Lime and Lemongrass gins.
  • Mint, Lime and Chilli – A combination of flavours that are delicious to cook and to make a G&T, this tastes great with our Kaffir Lime and Lemongrass to round off the flavour combo.
  • Lemon and Rosemary – Whether you are a fan of a slice or a twist of lemon, its a G&T staple, giving it that lovely hit of citrus! Combined with the rosemary you have a wonderfully savoury taste. Why not pair this one with our Earl Grey gin?
Perfect Gin and Tonic

Quick Round Up....

Earl Grey GinLovely with an unflavoured tonic, tastes great with lemon to garnish and a spring of rosemary will bring out the earthy taste in the tea

Douglas-FirPerfect for a grapefruit G&T, anything citrus tastes fabulous with this one. Grapefruit and Bergamot or unflavoured tonic works best 

Kaffir Lime and Lemongrass – Best with an unflavoured tonic, garnish this one with a slice of ginger, a twist of lime, a sprig of mint, a whole chilli or a combination! 

Kimchi – Pair this gin with an unflavoured tonic or why not try Franklin and Sons rosemary and black olive tonic! For garnish a twist of lime is great, it can also be put with rosemary, ginger, cucumber or a chilli if your feeling brave! 

Summer Snap – Garnish this one with Lime, Cucumber or mint for a deeply refreshing, crisp experience! Pair with an unflavoured tonic. 

Fancy a G&T?

Grab yourself some gin and try out some of our very best G&T tips and tricks. 

Perfect Gin And Tonic

If you do use any of these G&T tips and tricks, do let us know how you got on! We really do love to hear from you. Also if you have any tips of your own, send them our way we love a recommendation! If you fancy something a little bit different we have a 5 of the Absolute Best Gin Based Cocktails blog as well so why not hop over and check that out while your here! Plus we have lots of great gin recipes so can never be at a loss as to what do with your gin! 

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