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Kaffir Lime and Lemongrass Gin Bottle
Distillery Updates

Lemongrass Gin: A Citrus Gin Botanical

Why Lemongrass? We love lemongrass here at Twisting Spirits and it was one of the 1st gin botanicals we experimented with.  Why you ask? Well, it’s because I love a Thai green curry and I had some lemongrass in my freezer.  Alongside its favourite friend Kaffir Lime leaves.  We quickly worked out that this bright

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best gin cocktails
Cocktail Inspiration

The Best Gin Cocktails Continued: 5 More Great Drinks

Another 5 best gin cocktails This is our second best cocktails list but can you blame us? There are so many great concoctions out there that make gin taste even better, we couldn’t leave it at just 5 cocktail, so now I guess we have a 10 best cocktails list (lets see how long it

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Simple Martini Recipe
Cocktail Inspiration

A Delicious Savoury Gin Cocktail: A Simple Martini Recipe

A Simple Martini Recipe This Martini recipe is paired with our Kimchi Gin, this is your ultimate savoury drink, with the tangy irresistible taste of our Kimchi gin paired with the vermouth it makes for a sharp, sophisticated drink. It’s perfect for a fancy dinner party or small gathering as a delicious, alcoholic savoury starter.

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delicious bramble cocktail recipe
Cocktail Inspiration

A Delicious Bramble Cocktail Recipe: A Cosy Refreshing Gin Drink

Delicious Bramble Cocktail Recipe This one is a great autumn / going into winter drink. It’s a little sour, a little citrus and just a bit sweet (depending on how much sugar syrup you use) with the delicious taste of blackberry. If you’re one for foraging you can pop some fresh blackberries in with the

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Festive Spiced Negroni
Cocktail Inspiration

A Festive Spiced Negroni: A Classic Recipe With a Christmas Twist

Delicious Festive Spiced Negroni and A Classic Negroni This is a classic gin cocktail, it’s a bitter cocktail so do bear that in mind but it really is a delicious concoction! We have two iterations of this cocktail so we thought we’d give you both and you can choose. The first is just a simple

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