The Best Gin Cocktails Continued: 5 More Great Drinks

best gin cocktails

Another 5 best gin cocktails

This is our second best cocktails list but can you blame us? There are so many great concoctions out there that make gin taste even better, we couldn’t leave it at just 5 cocktail, so now I guess we have a 10 best cocktails list (lets see how long it gets)! Who knows maybe we will have more.  So this is our continued cocktail list with 5 more brilliant drinks, we hope you enjoy these choices!  

This delicious gin cocktail is a savoury dream. Its sharp, sophisticated and the taste of gin comes through, its perfect for those who really love gin! We like to pair this with our one of a kind Kimchi Gin because it has such an original flavour and pairs so well with the Vermouth in a Martini. This is an easy recipe, tasting great with minimal effort! 

best gin cocktails

This beautifully autumnal cocktail, is perfect if your having a fun cocktail with friends, its pretty easy to make and with the a few juicy (blackberries) it’s just really tasty! We pair this one with our Earl Grey Gin which gives it a wonderful earthy undertone and the blackberry flavour blends perfectly with the citrus tones in the gin!

best gin cocktails

Whats not to like in a Gimlet? Its sophisticated, tastes great and isn’t complicated! For this cocktail we recommend our classic Kaffir Lime and Lemongrass, this is a zesty citrus cocktail emphasised by this flavour of gin, we love it! 

Lemongrass Gimlet

Negroni is a bitter cocktail, delicious when made with our Douglas-fir, this drink is well worth trying. This is a strong, sharp cocktail that gives a bit of a kick, this is amplified by the strong pine flavour of the Douglas-fir gin, its a really treat! Check out the full recipe.

best gin cocktails

Tom Collins

Sometimes simple is best! A Tom Collins is essential lime juice, soda and sugar syrup and it tastes delicious. Try it with our Summer Snap flavour for a fresh, crisp kick with a sweet edge! Well worth a try and its a great one to make in bulk! 

best gin cocktails
best gin cocktails

Did you enjoy our 5 best gin cocktails, continued? If you would like to read more about our gin, gin recommendations, cocktail recipes and more (including our first ‘best gin cocktails’ if you haven’t read it already) so check out our blog for all those things! If you do make any of the cocktails we recommend or if you have further recommendations, please let us know what you thought and your own recommendations! We love to hear from you! Thanks for reading! 

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