A Delicious Savoury Gin Cocktail: A Simple Martini Recipe

Simple Martini Recipe

A Simple Martini Recipe

This Martini recipe is paired with our Kimchi Gin, this is your ultimate savoury drink, with the tangy irresistible taste of our Kimchi gin paired with the vermouth it makes for a sharp, sophisticated drink. It’s perfect for a fancy dinner party or small gathering as a delicious, alcoholic savoury starter. Now we think that a Kimchi Martini is the best idea but we would recommend having a read about our Kimchi gin and check that it is something you would like because it’s a very specific taste and we know its not for everyone! Here is our simple martini recipe…..


Simple Martini Recipe


Put a martini glass in the fridge to chill for 10 mins. Pour the gin and vermouth into a tall glass or jug filled with ice cubes. 

Stir with a spoon until the outside of the glass is very cold, then taste to check the dilution. If needed, continue to stir until the martini is diluted and chilled to your liking.

Pour into your cocktail glass taking care not to let the ice cubes fall in (straining is best for this)

Drop in the garnish of your choice (we recommend a Twist of Lemon or an olive or two 🍸)

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Simple Martini Recipe

Did you like our simple martini recipe? Let us know what you thought of it, we love some feedback! If your looking for more gin related content, check out the other recipes on our blog, not to mention more gin tips and tricks then you knew you needed! If you want to be the first to know about the latest Twisting Spirits news then why not sign up for our news letter. 

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