Great Taste Award 2021: Our Kimchi and Summer Snap Gins

Great Taste Award

Great Taste Award 2021!

We are over the moon to be able to share with you all that we have received this years Great Taste for both of our special edition gins. Our Kimchi was awarded 3 stars which is absolutely amazing! We had some really positive responds to our gins from Great Taste in the past so its particularly amazing that to see that they really like our new gins too. 

Great Taste Award

A Bit About the Great Taste

Great Taste was established in 1994. Its  organised by the Guild of Fine Food and is ‘the world’s largest, longest standing and most respected food accreditation scheme for artisan and specialty food producers’, with over 14,000 different products entered in 2021 alone. Its entries come from 108 different countries and it boasts a impressive array of judges from different areas of the food industry. 

Great Taste Award

Such subtlety on the nose but it really does taste of kimchi on the palate. It opens up with tonic and for those who love their ‘savoury’ spirits, this is a winner. Would be fabulous in a Picante. Tonic really took all the complexities away – this is a sipping gin.

We were astonished by how pure and retained the kimchi aromas and flavours were. The methods and ingredients have been incredibly well blended with a high-quality spirit. We thoroughly enjoyed the gin and think it’s been executed to perfection.

A really intriguing aroma with lots of garlic character coming through! Nicely spicy. The garlicky, fermented kimchi flavour comes through well, creating great depth of flavour. There is a citrus note to lift everything, and a pleasant balance of sweetness and bitterness. An exceptional mix of flavours that we just couldn’t get over – a lot of fun and a very brave choice.

The distinctive and savoury notes of kimchi are unmistakable in this innovative expression. Once experienced on the palate, more depth and sophistication come through. This is certainly a genuine and clean demonstration of an authentic kimchi flavour. Without doubt it would make a tremendous Bloody Mary or Red Snapper.

Light but prominent cucumber on the nose. We were delightfully surprised by the verdant sugar snap peas on the palate which move to a more floral sense as the flavour developed . The finish was refined, smooth and lasting and still had the freshness of cut grass. We liked that it retained the grassy herby profile with tonic.

Very fresh on the nose, smelling like light sugar snap peas and cucumber. On the palate it was mouth-wateringly clean and fresh. It tastes green, with hints of sweetness, pepper and subtle juniper. Floral notes come through when tonic is added. Interesting and delicious.

A beautifully crafted gin, which is indeed the essence of British summer gardens. The touch of sweetness works brilliantly to balance the green cucumber skin and sugar snap. Tonic brings out coriander notes and lifts the finish.  We feel it would work as part of a Pimms summer cup. Really well made and characterful.

We thought that this product was incredible; the flavours are so concentrated and defined. The blending of this product is brilliant. All the flavours and the alcohol are very well integrated.

Great Taste Award

2020 – Earl Grey – 1 star

Fragrant and enticing on the nose, the alcohol does, however, punch through. Woody and spicy to taste, alcohol and bitterness linger on the palate. A good gin with a bold flavour.

Tannic notes from the tea come through on the nose, but the flavour is really aromatic and almost floral. The heat builds and we feel this would stand up well in a mixed drink.  Tannins feature again on the pleasant long, finish.

2019 – Earl Grey – 1 Star
Clear, limpid liquor with a fresh, clean, appealing nose – juniper is to the fore, rather than clear tea notes at this stage. Something a touch buttery or toffeed perhaps. On the palate, liquorice makes its presence felt, and dominates the finish.  

A dry gin that delivers a remarkable clean tea on the palate, with the lovely waft of black tea on the nose while drinking. 

A wonderful texture and weight to this clean gin, dominated by classic juniper forward botanical with pronounced citrus notes and a pleasing orange finish. 


2020 – Kaffir Lime – 2 stars

Characterful from the off, with kaffir lime leaping out of the glass, zesty yet dusky. The palate again transmits kaffir lime, along with a marked cucumber skin note and hints of coriander. The spirit is pleasingly soft and mellow, entirely in sympathy with the botanicals. You need to love this very particular profile, but full marks for individuality and character.  A slice of lime is all that’s needed to created a highly characterful yet balanced G&T. A really interesting addition to the genre, and beautifully made.

A really interesting aroma with juniper, kaffir lime and faint hints of aniseed. Big flavours in the mouth, the kaffir lime seems to enhance the other citric botanicals, and a gentle touch of sweetness comes through late. The aftertaste is clean and fresh and pleasingly balanced. An excellent gin for a G & T.

This is a fun gin. Although Juniper is rightly still the star, the kaffir lime does wonders from the wings, adding a zesty brightness to the midnote, and a mature lime finish which leaves the taster with a very refreshing aftertaste. Quite unusual and ingenious.

Great Taste Award
Great Taste Award

2019 – Douglas Fir – 3 Stars

A clear gin with pleasing viscosity and an immediately appealing nose, intensely aromatic of herbs: lavender, rosemary perhaps and yes, fir needles. Coriander follows on with a lower noted presence. Wonderfully oily on the palate, great mouthfilling presence, releasing a zesty citrus presence. The flavour journey is delighting us.  ‘A real G and T to savour’ said one judge. It has interest, mouthfilling presence and a great balance. Beautifully crafted, wonderfully rounded yet bright – constantly inspires a further sip.

Intense aroma of the forest floor, all pine sap and juniper, this gin is full of complex deep verdant flavours that really last. Before the alcohol kicked in, this creamy gin gives excellent mouthfeel and fully coats the palate but then finishes really clean and crisp. This gin is obviously well made with love and is unique and full of character.

No mistaking what this is. The hit on the nose is warm, comforting, balanced and confident. This delivers almost everything you are looking for on the palate, with a wonderfully smooth finish.

Pleasing sweet pine mouthfeel. Touch of woodland freshness. Sweetness is well balanced. Has character and individuality. Delicious when mixed with tonic.

Great Taste Award

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