One of a Kind Recipe: More on Our Most Unusual Gin Botanical Yet…Kimchi!

One of a Kind

A One of A Kind Botanical....

Our Kimchi gin was a long time coming, and if we’re being honest it was made partly for very selfish reasons, deep down we really wanted to try a Kimchi gin and there simply wasn’t one on offer. I’ve been making Kimchi for years and when we purchased our 1st cold distill I thought why not see what it would taste like in gin!  We were amazed how the Kimchi flavour came through and it tasted great as a gin.

The only trouble was we really weren’t sure anyone else wanted to try it back in 2017 when we launched Twisting Spirits so we delayed things until 2020.  We released it in a 20cl bottle size and it was soon getting 5 star reviews with requests for a larger bottle – hooray! Whilst we reasoned it might not be for everyone, it was sure to be to some peoples taste! That’s how this one of a kind gin came to be made and now we are pleased to announce that following its popularity we are shortly going to release it in a bigger 50cl size!

A Unique Recipe

After making Kimchi for many years I’ve learnt how small changes can make big difference.  Not just the ingredients and their amounts, but fermentation temperature and how long the fermentation takes place.  I’ve adapted an original Korean recipe so that is makes the best gin.  Some if it of course makes it into my fridge for testing purposes 👍 Once the Kimchi has matured it’s cold distilled and added into our copper distilled dry gin, before being bottled and labelled, ready for distribution!  The whole process takes allot of time, ingredients and effort, but I truly do love the result so it is worth it 😊


One of a Kind
One of a Kind

A Couple of Recommendations

For more in depth recommendations and recipes, we would recommend checking out some of the post on our blog, we have tips on everything from Cocktails, Gin and Tonics to great Gin Garnishes! However here’s a quick list of things we really recommend with our Kimchi gin!

  • Red Snapper – A delicious Blood Mary-esque cocktail, the flavours of the Red Snapper combine perfectly with the savoury, tangy Kimchi!
  • Rosemary and Black Olive Tonic – Kimchi is a savoury gin and the addition of this delicious savoury tonic makes for a sharp refreshing G&T!
  • Martini – It’s a savoury cocktail like no other! 
  • Rosemary, Lemon, Lime, peppercorns, fresh ginger and chilli – Any of these delicious gin garnishes will elevate your drink to star quality!
One of a Kind

Taste of the West 2021

We are really excited about how well our Kimchi gin has been received, we have lovely reviews from our customers, something we really cherish and very excitingly Taste of the West announced that they would be giving it a Gold Award. Taste of the West is such a champion of local, small business and we’re really honoured to be amongst those awarded.   

These are the comments the Judges made:

  • Lovely modern bottle with great label.  Good information supplied.
  • Lovely aroma – spicy, sweet and just like Kimchi.  Very enticing. Perfectly clean and clear. It’s a touch thin but has an enjoyable lengthy finish. Lovely!  Great spice, lovely peppery notes and it tastes just like kimchi. 
  • Makes an excellent martini!! An innovative, delicious gin. Kimchi was awarded Gold.
One of Kind
Simple Martini Recipe

Let us know what you think about our most unconventional gin yet! Have you tried it? What did you think? Also if you have a recommendation for us, do let us know, we love nothing more than to hear how you’ve been drinking your gin! If you want to hear more about our gins in general, other cocktail recommendations and news sign up to our newsletter and why not take a look at our other blog posts for more Twisting Spirits tidbits! 

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