Douglas-Fir: A Perfect Christmas Gin That Can Be Enjoyed all Year Round!

A Perfect Christmas Gin
A Perfect Christmas Gin

A Perfect Christmas Gin

A bit about Douglas-Fir

Our Douglas-Fir gin is made from hand foraged Douglas Fir pines that are cold distilled into a London dry gin. Nature’s exquisite forest bouquet, bottled – Dougals-Fir is an evergreen coniferous tree that orginated in north america. The needles used in our Douglas Fir Gin are personally hand foraged by Mary and Rich in and around the South Oxfordshire area from a secret selection of specifically selected trees located on organic farmland.

 Distilling Douglas-Fir alongside juniper at high temperatures destroys the amazing fine, fragrant and fruity notes that make Douglas Fir so special and individual.  Only our unique process extracts and balances the wonders of Juniper and Douglas Fir in harmony together.

A Festive Treat

Now whilst we believe this gin is firmly not only for Christmas (with its undertones of citrus and peach it can be enjoyed at anytime of the year!), it is a truly marvelous festive treat. The pine is reminiscent of the irresistible scent of a Christmas tree, if you’re looking for something to get you in the festive spirit, this scrumptious gin might be exactly what you’re looking for. 

“A clear gin with pleasing viscosity and an immediately appealing nose, intensely aromatic of herbs: lavender, rosemary perhaps and yes, fir needles. Coriander follows. Wonderfully oily on the palate, great mouthfilling presence, releasing a zesty citrus presence. The flavour journey is delighting us.”


If you’re after a few recommendations to for our Douglas-fir gin, we have some really good recipes and tips up on our blog. Here’s a quick summary of what tastes great with the Douglas-fir.

  • Twisting Paloma – A lime and grapefruit concoction which is usually made with tequila but works beautifully with the different tastes of the Douglas-fir!   
  • Grapefruit Gin and Tonic – A similar set set of flavours to the Paloma but Douglas-Fir really does taste great with grapefruit. If you fancy something a little simple but very flavourful then this Gin and Tonic is perfect! 
  • Citrus Garnish – Douglas has lovely citrus undertones so pairing it with a simple citrus garnish is a no brainer. Why not try this with a unflavoured tonic to get the full effect of the gins flavours. 
A Perfect Christmas Gin
Festive Spiced Negroni

If you would like to hear more about our gins and any news we have, why not join our mailing list! All our recipes and recommendations can be found on our blog, so if you’d like to read about our gins more then head over to our blog page. Hope you enjoyed this little deep dive into all things Douglas-Fir Gin (a perfect Christmas gin). 

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