6 Unique Christmas Gin Gifts For This Festive Season

6 unique Christmas gin gifts

6 Unique Christmas Gin Gifts

This is the time of year we all start (or maybe if you really organised you’ve been thinking about this for a while) pondering what to get our nearest and dearest for Christmas. We thought we’d would put together a list of unique gin gift ideas and hampers that are just perfect if you are looking for something a little different to give to some one who is into their gin 😊

This is a Unique Gin Hamper and the largest one on this list, making it an extra special gift! With a 50cl bottle of one of a kind Kimchi Gin, the ingredients needed for a Red Snapper (Bloody Mary with Gin) complete with mini Tabasco and a fantastic spiced tomato juice and a delicious savoury, black olive and rosemary tonic! Not only that but is comes with 2 snacks of your choice, chicken crackling (salt or chilli) or plant pops which are suitable for vegans, also with a choice of salt or chilli! Why not mix and match your flavours and snacks! Just to make it absolutely unmissable, it also includes one of our ecocups with the Twisting Spirits engraving on the side, a Franklin and Sons bottle opener and our custom made enamel Kimchi and Red snapper pin. Plus, free 1st Class Royal Mail delivery. If you would like to find out more about this Hamper we have a full length blog about our Kimchi Hampers so check it out!

6 Unique Christmas Gin Gifts

Our second gift choice is a smaller Kimchi Hamper so if you’re not ready to commit to the bigger size or you’re after a slightly smaller gift but Kimchi tickles your fancy, this is the one for you! With a 20cl bottle and just the one tonic, a spiced tomato juice, a snack and mini Tabasco, its still a great present (for yourself or someone else)! And if you would really like one of our engraved cups they can be purchased separately in our Merch! section. This Hamper also comes with our gorgeous enamel Kimchi Pin and a lovely Franklin and Sons bottle opener! Check out our blog about Kimchi Hampers for more info!

6 Unique Christmas Gin Gifts

This Hamper is perfect for the more traditional gin lover, particularly if you are a fan of a nice lemon taste to your G&Ts. The Kaffir Lime and Lemongrass gin included in this Hamper has an infusion of citrus tastes making it the perfect addition to a crisp gin drink! This hamper comes with a Naturally Light tonic, subtle so as not to mask the delicious combination of the 19 botanicals present in this gin. Also included is a bottle opener, an enamel Kaffir Lime and Lemongrass bottle pin and a snack of your choice! Whats not to love? For more information check out our full length blog about our Citrus edition.

6 Unique Christmas Gin Gifts

Here’s one for the Earl grey lovers out there, high tea with a festive twist! This Christmas Hamper includes a 20cl bottle of our Earl Grey Gin which takes it flavour from the delicious earl grey blend from Born Wild Tea. With delicious overtones from the tea and the citrus notes that come through as well this gin really is your perfect boozy equivalent to afternoon tea. This Hamper also includes a snack of choice, an engraved ecocup and 2 bottles of Mallorcan Tonic from Franklin and Sons! For more Earl Grey Hamper info, check out our blog post about this gift!

6 Unique Christmas Gin Gifts

This lists most festive gift has to be this one. Its made up around a 20cl bottle of Douglas-Fir gin and with its piney flavours it could be Christmas in a bottle! This hamper also includes delicious dried Grapefruit garnish from Garnish me up, to add that extra something to your gin based beverages! This lovely Hamper also includes a bottle opener, grapefruit tonic and a yummy snack of your choice! So if you really like a festive edge to your gifts this is the Hamper for you! For more festive Hamper info check out our blog post about our Douglas-fir gift!

6 Unique Christmas Gin Gifts

And Finally (no. 6)

If you really can’t decide which on to get there’s a 6th (its kind of a cheat) and final option! Mix and Match!! We have lots of bundles on our site, all our gins are available to order, our lovely enamel pins and engraved mugs are also available in our merch selection. We have a Miniature Gin Selection so you can have a combination of smaller gins if you really can’t decide which flavour to try first (or which to gift to someone else). Pop over to the Twisting Spirits shop and curate your own gift! 

6 Unique Christmas Gin Gifts
6 Unique Christmas Gin Gifts

Did you like our 6 unique Christmas Gin Gifts list? We have blogs posts about all of our Personal gin hampers so if you would like to find out extra information about any of them, check that out! We also have recipes, tips, tricks and other information we think you would like to know is all up on there for you! 

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