Finally our new still is in operation

Well what a journey but it's been worth the wait!

After two years of deliberation and a further year wait for the build, we finally have our new still commissioned!  Our two trusty alembic stills have now been retired and our shiny new still takes over.

We investigated all available options before finally taking the plunge on our new 200 litre copper still from hi-tech automated solutions such as iStill and GStill, right through to alembics as we were already using, but on a larger scale.  In the end we concluded that a traditional manually controlled copper still would suit us best and contrast nicely with our state of the art rotary evaporator (cold vacuum distill).          

The new equipment, whilst manually operated is much more controllable than our previous setup.  This will enable us to improve product consistency and quality whilst maintaining the traditions and  processes used by generations before. 

The long awaited Batch 2 of our Kimchi Gin has just been released and is the first gin to be produced using the new equipment.   



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